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NIVELCO Group is a Third-Generation family-run company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary and maintaining company offices, development and production facilities. The company, with a tradition dating back to Seven decades, has 35 years of development and production experience producing level and temperature measuring instruments.
The eight NIVELCO-owned subsidiaries, and a distribution network operating in 60 countries around the world have marketed and sold 1 million pieces of instruments prove the company's competitiveness on the world market.
In order to meet the market needs as much as possible, it is necessary to continually develop both the devices and the production technology, which is provided by a highly-skilled development engineer team.

In the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility self-developed production tools help optimize production processes. Raw materials are machined in automatic CNC machining centres. Stainless steel units are assembled with AWI welding as complete plastic mechanics.
The most recent electronic placement machines put the millions of circuit elements into the printed electronic circuits, which are soldered by an automatic wave soldering process.
The filling of the electronics of the field instruments with resins ensures the reliable operation of our devices in difficult industrial conditions as well.
Unique tuning, measuring, climatic chamber testing, computerized control of every single piece, and complete quality management system ensure the exceptional 5-year warranty on the devices, which greatly contributes to customers' confidence in our instruments and in our company. Our instruments are now produced with a laser engraved data plate, ensuring the aesthetic design and long-term identifiability of the device's technical data.
For our customers we provide full technical information with brochures in 10 languages, in printed and electronic form, on our website and on DVD.
In application technology, other professional and commercial issues there is a team of highly experienced engineers at the disposal of the buyers ensuring the satisfaction of individual demands and production deadlines.
Our cutting edge instruments come in aesthetic, custom-made packaging to our users.




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